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The wonderful world of astrology has been around for 5000 years and as we go into this hour of intriguing interviews and guests that are the best in their field you will begin to love the nature of astrology.   

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Aaron Fowler

Aaron is a fourth generation Psychic Medium and Shaman. 

He has been a Psychic Medium professionally over fifteen years but he has had his gifts all of his life. Aaron uses many different techniques for divining, seeing, and healing such as Crystals, Cards, and Gemstones. Aaron can read for pretty everything but  his specialise are: love,relationships,medium channelling, Life Path, Money and Career, and Missing People and Objects. 

He has advised and guided thousands of clients all over the world and helped many business professionals, Couples in Love, and those seeking Spiritual Enlightenment see a clearer path to a positive outcome.

Ram an Astrologer by profession having a Master degree (M.A) in Astrology and MCA. He has many clients from every field even media lines as well such as models, actors, writers, and many more and they all are 100% satisfied with my readings. He is a trained astrologer with 11 years of experience in Astrology. 

He has also been doing my own research work in astrology from the past 9 years. He can give you very easy and best remedies, precautions and also good suggestions on how to improve the conditions of your life. You can ask him any question without any hesitation and he can assure you that you will get full satisfaction.

Yes  the Moon is most important planet in astrology why because it represents basic and very important things in our life such as mother,mind,emotions,feelings,affections,water and peace of mind.

1.Moon represents mother, mother is the very important person for any human being who gives unconditional and infinite love to us.......... Sun represents father,moon represents mother, Venus represents wife,Jupiter represents husband ,Mars represents siblings, if you observe among all 

The most important relationship is mother when compare with others Which is represented by moon.

2. Moon indicates Mind, some astrologers says that's sun is the most important planet in astrology as its king of all the planets and it represents soul but as we know that soul cant operate any task for us, our mind itself doing all activities it’s like the President of Indian govt system it doesn't hold any as important power but he is considered to be very important leader of the president soul also,so when compare with sun moon is the important planet.

Mind is an operating system every system of our body and our act and every thing depends upon it only.soul don’t operates, soul is important but it can’t operate ,it’s controlled by mind ... it is just that only,we cant feel our soul,means soul is like chess king who have no high powers but it is most important in chess game.... now u r readings and understanding my articles means your mind is doing this activity not your soul like president do nothing, soul and president are same. If Moon is affected means you will take bad decision and implement those and get bad results in your life because moon represents mind .

3.If u observe the concept called “ soul- body- mind” after our death soul again takes new body and mind and get the life based on our past life deeds. Here deeds are depends upon our beautiful mind only .so again moon playing very important role. 

4.Moon represents feelings,emotions.This world is about feelings If you eat a sweet having no tongue sensation in your mouth then how come u will enjoy the sweet. Without tongue you cannot feel something As without Moon you can't understand feelings of this world.and moon represents emotions,some people they are emotionally imbalanced ,they are always suffer with these unnecessary emotions towards some one who are useless.for these kind of people moon must be badly placed with Rahu or Saturn,most of the Saturn and moon combination gives sadness, emotional imbalanced mind.

5. Moon represents cool nature such as person who are calm, silent ,non violent .Cool nature is important than fire nature for any human being as like Gandhi (father of nation for Indian who is freedom fighter with non violence)not like Hitler who have all fire nature.,You put calmness on my anger as like as putting water on fire,we cannot end a fire by another fire we can end it up only by water. calmness is sign of water 

6.Moon is a political planet too, because observe a successful politician need patience and innovative ideas to implement and manage the particular society, generally moon represents your native place, politician need good vote bank from his native place only for that in his chart moon and 4th house should be strong.

7.Moon represent water, milk etc., without water how human beings survey? Water is playing vital role in this earth planet.  

Moon and Venus are the planets which represents beau TV, women clothes, cool things, Artist should have blessed with not only Venus and also Moon which is karaka of Creativity. Without creative ability no artist get fame.